How to connect to my account in the terminal?

In order to connect to your RoboForex account in the terminal you need to know:

  1. Your account number (see the list of account in your Members Area).
  2. The password you set when creating your account.
  3. The server that your account is situated on (see the table of trading servers).

How to connect to a desktop terminal:

  1. Via the right menu "Navigate":
    • Find "Accounts".
    • Right-click it.
    • Choose "Connect to account".
  2. Via the main menu:
    • Go to "File".
    • Choose " Connect to account".

Via the mobile terminal on iOS:

  • Go to "Settings" (+).
  • Choose "New account", then "Connect to existing account".

Via a mobile terminal on Android:

  • Go to "Manage accounts".
  • Find and right-click a "+" in the upper right corner, then click on "Connect to existing account".

What server are my accounts on?

  • RoboMarkets LLC-Demo – Demo accounts, including contest ones.
  • RoboMarkets LLC-DemoPro – DemoPro accounts, including contest ones.
  • RoboMarkets LLC-Pro, RoboMarkets LLC-Pro-2, RoboMarkets LLC-Pro-3 – Pro accounts.
  • RoboMarkets LLC-ProCent, RoboMarkets LLC-ProCent-2, RoboMarkets LLC-ProCent-3, RoboMarkets LLC-ProCent-4, RoboMarkets LLC-ProCent-5, RoboMarkets LLC-ProCent-6, RoboMarkets LLC-ProCent-7 – ProCent accounts.
  • RoboMarkets LLC-ECN, RoboMarkets LLC-ECN-2 – ECN accounts.
  • RoboMarkets LLC-Prime – Prime accounts.