Top10 FAQ

  1. What does "Trade flow is busy" mean?
  2. Why do I see a message: "Not enough money", opening a position?
  3. How do I calculate the price of 1 point?
  4. What is a demo account and what is it needed for?
  5. Where do I find a list of the instruments available and their spreads?
  6. Why has the platform closed my order?
  7. Why was a position closed at a price that was not on the chart?
  8. Why was a pending order executed by the price different from the one I had specified?
  9. How do I calculate the margin size?
  10. Is it possible to change the base currency or the type of my account?
  11. The charts show: "Needs updating". What do I do?
  12. MetaTrader 4 says: "No connection". What do I do?
  13. MetaTrader 4 says: "Invalid account". What do I do?
  14. What is the minimal sum of account depositing?


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