RoboForex: invest in the OTC Forex market without taxes

14.01.2020 / 14:37

Dear Clients and Partners,

We’re pleased to inform you that the President of the Republic of Belarus has signed Law No. 503 "On taxation", according to which your profit will be exempt from income taxes when you invest in the OTC Forex market together with "RoboMarkets" LLC. This privilege is permanent. All this indicates that the Republic of Belarus may remain one of the most attractive jurisdictions for forex investors in Europe.

March 2016 was the first time when the Republic of Belarus approved the idea of canceling income taxes for investors, which was later extended on a regular basis. Since then, the OTC Forex market in Belarus has developed significantly:

increase in the number of licensed forex companies.
annual increase in the number of clients.
increase in the volume of transactions.
increase in the sum of clients' deposits.

All participants of the OTC Forex market are very receptive to a permanent extension of the tax relief scheme. First of all, this indicates the regulator’s affirmative approach to the industry and its interest in further development. We hope that the introduced regulation will make the OTC Forex market in the Republic of Belarus more attractive and allow the Company to realize earlier developed business plans to offer new products and services to our clients.

Andrei Dziarnovich, RoboForex Belarus CEO

RoboForex team