RoboForex adds over 500 instruments to R StocksTrader, including fractional CFDs on shares

23.11.2021 / 10:16

Dear Clients and Partners,

RoboForex updated R StocksTrader, which now offers over 500 new instruments for trading, including fractional CFDs on shares of American, Brazilian, British, and European companies.

Access to trading fractional CFDs on shares will enable clients to acquire both full CFDs on shares and "slices" of CFDs on stocks that represent a partial share. For example, a client can buy 1.5 of an Amazon or Netflix CFDs on share. Meanwhile, the minimum volume of CFDs on shares to buy remains the same – 1 CFD.

Why are fractional CFDs on shares convenient?

Fractional shares

Fractional CFDs on shares cost less than full CFDs and that’s an excellent opportunity to invest in securities with less money.

Fractional shares efficiency

Fractional CFDs on shares enable clients to diversify their investment portfolios by acquiring fractional CFDs on shares of a wider range of companies.

Other updates to R StocksTrader:

  • New CFDs on American, Brazilian, and European stocks, including such popular instruments as Lucid Group Inc (LCID), Rivian Automotive Inc (RIVN), Udemy Inc. (UDMY), and others.

  • 8 additional languages: Danish, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Rumanian, Finnish, French, and Swedish.

  • Improved mobile application: enhanced security, direct access to deposit/withdrawal of funds, and the registration of trading accounts.

Apart from new assets R StocksTrader offers over 9,000 trading instruments for investing, including CFDs on shares of such companies as Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Tesla.

We’re always striving to provide quality services and add new instruments and update the platform functionality. Due to this, the commission for trading CFDs on stocks has been pushed to competitive levels. Updated commission conditions can be viewed on the "R StocksTrader" page.

Start trading fractional CFDs on shares and other popular instruments on R StocksTrader today!

RoboForex team