Forex Fundamental analysis

Fundamental analysis is a method of evaluating what is happening on the market right now and might happen in the future on the basis of external events and factors. For the currency market, such factors are news, economic and financial statistics, meetings of global Central banks, and speeches delivered by their representatives. Fundamental approach allows to analyze both short- and long-term perspectives.


The American labour market is breaking records. Fundamental analysis for 04.07.2014

After yesterday’s publication of very positive data on U.S. unemployment and Mario Draghi’s speech, the Eurodollar continues to decline.

In the footsteps of Mario Draghi. Fundamental analysis for 03.07.2014

ECB's key rate has been maintained at the current level, which was the expected decision and the focus of the markets was on the press conference with Mario Draghi.

The euro/dollar begins to retreat

On Wednesday the EUR/USD pair is trading down, despite the flat statistics and the absence of negative news.

Bad news for the ECB. Fundamental analysis for 02.07.2014

The struggle with low inflation in the euro zone is becoming increasingly difficult.

The euro is rising, no matter what. Fundamental analysis for 01.07.2014

The economic situation in Italy remains difficult.

The euro/dollar is stuck in place

On Tuesday afternoon, the main currency pair is trading slowly, despite the flow of statistics and a positive attitude on the European markets.

Inflation is in no hurry to grow. Fundamental analysis for 30.06.2014

A miracle did not happen and according to recent data, inflation in the euro zone in June has not changed and remained at last month’s level of 0.5%, although it was expected to rise to 0.6%.

The Rouble begins its retreat

On Monday the position of the domestic currency is expectedly weak: the tax period is over, oil prices are falling and the stock markets are "disheartened."