How to start investing in financial market instruments

What are the financial markets?


Financial markets are a global investment area, where some market instruments are exchanged for others. A striking example is the OTC Forex market, participants of which invest funds in foreign currencies.


People who perform transactions on financial markets to their own advantage are called investors.


Below you will find information on what is necessary for starting operations, where to gain experience, and how to create your unique investment strategy.

What do investors make money on?


Investor’s operating profit lies in differences between the asset’s buy and sell prices. To receive the profit, it’s necessary to master skills of predicting and analyzing financial market tendencies, as well as constantly practice of a real or demo account.

How to start investing?

For performing operations on financial markets, an investor needs to register a Members Area and, after deciding on an account base currency and a leverage value, open a corresponding account, as well as download and install an investment platform.

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Where can an investment terminal be downloaded?

MetaTrader4 investment platform is one of the most popular with investors. The terminal allows you to follow all financial news online and create Expert Advisors on your own or buy them in the embedded shop.

You can choose a convenient version of MetaTrader 4: install it on your PC, operate in its mobile application, or use a web version in a familiar browser.

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What instrument to invest in?

5 highly-demanded types of assets are available to RoboForex clients: Stocks, Metals, Oil, Indices, and Foreign currencies. Learn more about each of them and choose the most attractive market or perform operations using several of them at the same tie by diversifying your investment portfolio.

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How much money is required for starting to invest?

The minimum initial capital for RoboForex clients is 100 USD.

Deposit funds

How to perform operations on financial markets?

Through the example of the OTC Forex market.

Types of orders


Buy (long position)

An operation is performed in anticipation of the asset rate growth.


Sell (short position)

Investor orders to sell any given asset expecting its price to fall.

How to open an order?

Choose a foreign currency pair you’re interested in.

Click "New order" on the terminal panel, specify the order volume, as well as Take Profit and Stop Loss levels.

Click "Buy" or "Sell" depending on the chosen order direction.

Congratulations! Your position has been opened!

From now on, you must keep track of changes in the instrument rate and close the order in the future according to your investment strategy.

What is an investment strategy?

Investor’s strategy is a combination of rules that they use when performing operations. It is created in the course of operations when every investor chooses a more suitable method of analysis (fundamental or technical), duration of orders (short-, mid-, or long-term), and additional tools (automated strategies). RoboForex clients have free-of-charge access to a wide knowledge base, where they can adopt the experience of professional investors and apply it in practice in order to improve their investment skills.

Learn how to create an automated investment strategy without having any programming skills in this video from RoboForex.

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What may be helpful in learning how to invest?

RoboForex Analytics center

A free-of-charge service that provides efficient analytical tools.

Video tutorials on operating on Forex

A video course dedicated to different aspects of performing operations with foreign currencies.

Forex forecasts and analytics

Daily reviews of the current situation on the OTC Forex market.

Advice to investors

Experience of professional investors to help those who start their operations on financial markets.