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>ETFs are investment financial instruments, thanks to which investors can manage assets from different market sectors from the comfort of their accounts. ETFs consist of a pool of assets (commodities, stocks, bonds, and other assets), which are bought and sold as a single stock. As a result, when buying an ETF share, an investor is getting a proportional percentage in the pool of several assets and investing in the entire segment of the market.

The ETF market is growing and expanding. The projected annual growth is from 15% to 30%. When invest into ETFs, investors get excellent opportunities to diversify their investment portfolios.

You can’t say that some ETFs are better for investing than the others. It entirely depends on a particular investment strategy, goals of an investor, and their attitude to risks. Conservative investors prefer ETFs with minor risks and stable incomes, while more ambitious ones deal with riskier assets, which may yield more profits but cause more losses at the same time. for beginners, it makes sense to decide in favor of several well-known ETFs with excellent diversification, which are linked to global market indices.

You can invest into ETFs in our multi-asset platform R Trader.