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Investment platform MetaTrader 4

Best investment platforms in the industry

RoboForex clients have an opportunity to perform investment operations on their accounts with competitive conditions from any device that is convenient for them. Depending on your preferences, install the desktop version of the MetaTrader 4 platform, download a portable application, or use the R StocksTrader web terminal and perform operations with a high speed of execution of transactions.

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A mobile version of R StocksTrader platform for iOS/Android, which allows you to invest from your smartphone or tablet.

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Available account types

RoboForex offers its clients several types of accounts and they can choose the one that is the most suitable for them.

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  • Initial deposit
  • Execution type
  • Spreads


An account type with the best trading conditions available at the company. It is suitable for both currency and other types of markets.

  • Initial deposit100 USD
  • Execution typeMarket Execution
  • SpreadsFloating from 0 pips
Premium conditions


The choice of experienced traders, which combines the highest order execution speed and competitive trading conditions.

  • Initial deposit100 USD / 100 EUR
  • Execution typeMarket Execution
  • SpreadsFloating from 0 pips
Clients' Choice

R StocksTrader

A specific account type for trading through the R StocksTrader web platform and mobile app of the same name.

  • Initial deposit100 USD
  • Execution typeMarket Execution
  • SpreadsFloating from 0.1 pips
For Stock Investing


An account type for testing strategies and EAs, as well as smooth transitioning from a demo account to real trading.

  • Initial deposit100 USD / 100 EUR
  • Execution typeMarket Execution
  • SpreadsFloating from 1.3 pips
For Algo Testing


The most popular account type with beginners. It provides balanced conditions for efficient trading on the currency and other types of markets.

  • Initial deposit100 USD / 100 EUR
  • Execution typeMarket Execution
  • SpreadsFloating from 1.3 pips


Stocks are securities, which give their owners the right for a part of a company’s profit and assets. Over the last several decades, popularity of stocks investing has significantly increased: clients started switching from usual online investments to a more comfortable environment for stocks investing. RoboForex provides you with a reliable access to invest in CFDs on stocks of the most essential companies from Germany, the USA, and Switzerland.

In order to make efficient investments, a ckient needs to see an overall picture of what is happening on the market or what may have impact on prices. This approach becomes even more important when it comes to invest in stocks: a client not only has to monitor the current market behavior, but also keep track of the news published by the company, stocks of which they invest in, along with its development and stability. To consider all these various indicators, a client needs to perfectly combine different tools of technical and fundamental analysis.

Depending on their liquidity, traded volume, spreads, and volatility, there are three types of stocks: blue chips, mid-caps and small-caps stocks.

  • Stocks of the first group (Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, etc.) are the most attractive from the investment point of view due to its characteristic features: high liquidity, low volatility, and tight spreads, as well as quite a big daily traded volume.
  • The second type, mid-caps, are less popular because they have lower liquidity and smaller traded volumes, while spreads are wider.
  • When it comes to the third group, small-caps stocks, they are marked by the lowest liquidity but the largest spreads and extremely high volatility at the same time.

Investors that prefer stocks can be divided into several categories:

  • Passive. They prefer to invest in “blue chips” (less often – second or third); most of all, they pursue reliability and stability.
  • Active. Their key goal is increasing profits along with minimizing risks, that’s why they mostly invest in “blue chips”, but do not ignore mid-caps and sometimes even small-caps stocks as well.
  • Speculators. These ones are into short-term investments in order to gain profits very quickly, hence they choose the most liquid stocks of the first type.

The choice of stocks to invest in can be influenced by an investor’s market strategy and attitude towards risks. In addition to that, it is not recommended to invest all funds in the same financial instrument. It would be much better to diversify your investment portfolio. The first type of stocks would be an excellent choice for most investors (both beginners and experienced ones. In order to invest in other types of stocks, one must have a lot of specific knowledge and vast investment experience, that’s why they require investors to be very careful.


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